“One for the Road” Sundace 2021 Review

The soundtrack, the cinematography, the performances. So much about this that I loved! Overall, I thought it was a bit long. But once you realize it’s really two sides of a coin that come together to tell one story of the downfall and reconciliation of a friendship, the runtime works in the film’s favor.

One of the things most clear in this movie is the heavy focus on characters and their relationships with each other. Everybody feels very thought of with a special personality embodied in each. The actors do a great job of taking the words on page and translating those to feelings we can experience. We feel the heartbreak, the fun, and the remorse.

Wong Kar-wai’s influence is heavy in this film and it’s evident from the first few minutes of the film. But it’s no wonder, he produced the film! Showing that he not only has an eye for cinema for himself, but can spot that in other people and will support them heavily.
Personally, I prefer Side B of this film, which is sort of the same way I felt about Chungking Express, a film that I saw a lot of in this. With the two parts, memories being intercut into scenes, and the down-to-earth performances seen and felt.

I liked this movie a bit. This was my first film from Sundance 2021 and if anything, all it does is raise the bar for my expectations of the rest of the festival. I think that, again, it’s a bit long and the viewer can struggle to put things together. But it does a good job of not holding your handing and letting you catch up and figure things out. Keep an eye out for this one.

My rating: 3.5/5

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